Ice Cream at IKEA: a Photo Essay

This summer was The Summer of IKEA. Despite the 90-minute drive through scorching desert during a heat wave, we went to IKEA so many times—individually, as a couple, and as a family—that we started leaving toothbrushes there. The staff started rolling their eyes when we arrived. I witnessed a near-fistfight once. Luca watched most of Tangled in Småland. I now know all the shortcuts through the showroom. I ate something other than the meatballs.

And still I’m not sick of IKEA, even despite my experience with The Worst Dresser Ever Made. To me, it’s like going to Disney. It’s magic.

Plus, ice cream.

20130616_150809 20130616_150818 20130616_150822 20130616_150832 20130616_150836 20130616_150843 20130616_150850 20130616_150854 20130616_150909 20130616_150922 20130616_150926 20130616_151007

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